Quench It! March Business of the Month

Happiness. It comes in many different forms and from many different sources. For Erika Stover, who owns and operates a local drive through drink stop called Quench It!, she serves happiness in the form of a mixed soda and deliciously sweet treats. She must be on to something, because given the quick rise to and sustained popularity Stover and her team really must be serving up happiness.

Stover moved to the Heber Valley with her family from Ephraim, Utah about six years ago. When they arrived, she had a decision to make, play it safe by getting back into the classroom as a high school English teacher or take a leap. She took the leap.

“I love being in the classroom. I love being an English teach, but it is pretty high burn out grading papers and I just needed a break,” Stover said.

This “break” would turn into long hours, hard work, and once again being surrounded by teenagers. Just over four years ago Stover, with the help and support of her family, made the leap of becoming a business owner. So instead of staying up late grading papers she’s working on pay roll, ordering supplies, putting together work schedules for 25 teenagers, and on occasion an English paper does find its way into her hands.

Stover attributes their success to always keeping the customer top of mind by creating an environment that’s comfortable and friendly. She draws some inspiration from the old TV show “Cheers” in which “everyone knows your name.”

“We really strive and work hard to learn our customer’s names and give them that warm experience where we get to talk to them and visit with them,” she said.

Erika and her husband, Chris, have put many long hours to make this business work. Erika said starting a brandnew business has been one of the hardest and yet one of the most fulfilling experiences. She is eager to give credit to her family for encouraging her to start her own business.

“It really is a family business. My husband built the shop, my girls helped paint it, and they work here,” said Stover.

Often people ask Stover, now that she has the privilege of hindsight to reflect on, whether or not she would do it all over again. Simply put she said “absolutely.”

“I love the sense of satisfaction working for yourself,” she said. “It’s rewarding for me also to see my girls know that women can be independent and own a business. I am really grateful to pass on that lesson to my girls that they can work and take care of family.”

For their ongoing support of the local community, the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce is proud to recognize Quench It! as the March Business of the month.

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