How much does a membership to Wasatch Jobs cost?

Nothing. For now, job posting, resume building, and applying for jobs is FREE!


How long will my resume be posted?

If your resume is un-modified for more than 12 months, your resume will be hidden. You may re-publish hidden resumes from your Wasatch Jobs dashboard.


Can I publish more than one resume?

Yes, you may post as many resumes as you’d like. You may be targeting different job categories so it’s possible you’ll want to have more than one resume.

How long will my job be posted?

Job listings expire after 90 days. If you need to list the position for longer, simply select ‘relist’ from your Wasatch Jobs dashboard. You can also mark positions as filled from this page, as well as delete or duplicate listings.


How many jobs can I post?

As many as you’d like! There is no limit on the number of jobs you can post on our site.


What do I do after a position is filled or if my listing expires? Can I duplicate a listing?

Visit your Wasatch Jobs dashboard and select “mark filled” on the job listing. If your listing expires and you want to re-post it, select “re-post.” You’re listing will be removed from the search results. You can also duplicate listings from this page.


How do I keep track of applicants?

You will receive an email for every job applicant with a link to their online resume. You can also manage candidates from your Wasatch Jobs dashboard.

I don’t have access to the email account I signed up with. Can I change it?

Yes. Log in with the old email address, and from the Dashboard dropdown, select My Account. Then, simply update your details. Future responses to your job listings or applications will come to the new email address, and you can use the new email address to log in. From here, you can also change the name on your account, and, after saving the changes, return to this page and choose which name displays to users.