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Coming together for community

In Fall 2023, two bright stars from Wasatch High School’s CAPS program, Cambrie Wood and Calvin Seare, set out on a mission to make a difference. Teaming up with Wasatch Community Foundation’s Kathy Carr, and Carolina De Martino, and Angelo Querciali of Northland Professional, they embarked on a heartfelt project to uplift those in need.

Northland Professional, a beloved lifestyle clothing company, formerly located on Heber’s Main Street and recently moved to Park City, generously donated merchandise to fuel their cause. But it wasn’t just about the donations; it was about the spirit of giving that echoed from Argentina to the Heber Valley. After falling in love with our valley and its people, Carolina and Angelo made it their mission to pay forward the kindness they received when they first arrived in 2020.

Cambrie and Calvin, armed with a solid business plan, orchestrated the marketing, selling, and donation process with finesse. Their dedication and passion illuminated the path towards helping local charities and homeless shelters. The funds raised will also go back to future CAPS students in the form of scholarships, one of the many ways the Wasatch Community Foundation helps students achieve their dreams beyond high school.

This collaboration wasn’t just a one-time effort. It’s a beacon of hope for future endeavors. Carolina and Angelo aspire to continue their partnership with the Wasatch High School CAPS program, which offers mentorships in business management and retail each semester.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Cambrie and Calvin for their remarkable project. As up-and-coming youth in the community, they’ve demonstrated that giving back isn’t just a duty but a privilege, especially when it’s to the community they call home. As they each finish up their final semester and graduate from Wasatch High School this spring, we wish them luck and future success as they head off to pursue higher education in the fall and their goals of serving a mission for their church next year.

In recognition of their outstanding contribution, the Wasatch Community Foundation proudly presented Northland Professional with a plaque, symbolizing their invaluable in-kind donation to our community.

If you have a desire to give back to your community, whether through donation or volunteerism, please visit our website for more information:

Presentation of the Wasatch Community Foundation plaque. (Left to Right: Calvin Seare, Cambri Wood, Joshua Jewkes, Angelo Querciali, Carolina De Martino, Marilyn Fowler, Jackie Miziak, Tom Fowler, Kathy Carr)